NOWHERE Fiction / 20 mins / UK, Occupied Palestinian Territory / 2020   

A film by Christopher Manning

BFI and British Council present 

A Finite Productions Production in Association with MAJDAL Films

A young Palestinian woman reunites with her long lost brother in Tel Aviv, but her hopes of a happy reunion are shattered when she discovers the truth behind his exiled existence. Co-produced by Cannes-winning production company Majdal Films and starring Ophir Award-winning actress Mouna Hawa.


Azhar, a young Palestinian woman living in the West Bank, has long wondered what happened to her estranged brother, who left home years ago. Now a grown woman, she has problems of her own. As the pressure for her to marry begins to mount, she dreams of escaping conventional family life and her controlling father for good. News that her brother has been spotted in Tel Aviv calls her to action and she decides to cross the border illegally to find him. Azhar embarks into the unknown in hopes that their reunion will resolve long-standing questions about the past as well as her uncertain future.